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ELLERMONT EDS: Automatic Ball Return Golf Net

ELLERMONT EDS: Automatic Ball Return Golf Net

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AUTOMATIC BALL RETURN: By eliminating the need to repeatedly bend over and pick up balls, this Golf Net with Hitting Mat helps protect your back and provides a more enjoyable training experience. 

2X THE PRACTICE IN THE SAME AMOUNT OF TIME: With this golf hitting net, by eliminating the time spent picking up balls, you can hit twice as many shots in the same time frame, accelerating your golf skill’s development. 

UV RESISTANT COVER FOR FAST WEATHER PROTECTION: UV sunlight erodes golf nets which reduces their longevity and causes them to break. We’ve designed a UV resistant cover which safeguards your outdoor golf net from the sun's damaging rays so you can protect it without having to disassemble it after each use. 

QUIET MATERIAL: The design of the netting means there is no loud ‘bang’ when the golf ball hits the golf training net. Making it perfect for considerate golfers who don’t wish to irritate their neighbours when using their golf practice nets for backyard driving. 

TOUGH & DURABLE 5 LAYER NETTING: The netting material thickness is 5 Layers/5PLY (PLY is the number of layers in the netting material). Adding 5 layers to the netting significantly improves the backyard golf net set’s durability and longevity.

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